Adrenalin Drop has been specially designed by combining both the Pod and the POWERFAN® unit. It is a highly engineered machine that is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life, in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankles to a bungee cord! The whole unit was designed and manufactured by Dropzone.

Technically it is a device that will safely and repeatedly control a person’s descent, dissipating the potential energy by means of a fan. The fan is driven only by the descending person's mass and does not require an external power source. The POWERFAN® enables users to make a very rapid descent whilst ensuring a gentle landing. It is designed for use in either a recreational or developmental environment, under the supervision of a competent operator.

Participants step through a hatch in the floor of the Pod to begin their descent of 100ft and will immediately accelerate towards the ground at 85% of freefall speed, before reaching a top speed of forty feet per second. As you approach the ground, the Powerfan unit, to which you are attached by a high strength rope, will slow your descent speed to a gentle landing that equates to jumping off four copies of the yellow pages!

The POWERFAN® incorporates an integral rewind mechanism to ensure a fast and efficient recall. The machine is so efficient that a through-put of one person every minute is perfectly feasible, but we base our through rate of one person every 90 seconds. We have a descent counter fitted to the machine so that we can monitor and regulate the servicing and maintenance schedules. All inspection and maintenance work is carried out in house by out fully trained instructors.

The POWERFAN® has been designed to conform to the relevant parts of BS: EN: 341 for rescue devices and prEN: 15567 for ropes courses. The device is also being examined by the TÜV for independent approval and POWERFAN® is working towards ISO 9000 certification.


Adrenalin Drop - Is the event name.
The Pod - Is a specially designed man riding basket where all participants enter into and are lifted up to the descent height of 100ft via our on-site crane.
The Powerfan® - Is a specially designed freefall descent control unit.
The Drope - Is the name given to the life line which connects the participant to the Powerfan during the free fall descent

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Zipslide Open Event
Pacific Quay Glasgow
Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th october 2013
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