How Adrenalin Drop Works

Adrenalin Drop is the latest extreme experience to be introduced by ALPS Outdoor that offers you the freefall adventure of your life, in safety, without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankles to a bungee cord.

Adrenalin Drop controls the user’s descent with a cleverly engineered and highly sophisticated fan which allows thrill seekers to experience a rapid 30-metre freefall, followed by a gentle landing.

ADRENALIN DROP IS THE ONLY PORTABLE ONE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD, it is totally transportable and can be sited in various locations, from a city centre car park to a country show or even a private function.

Whilst taking part in Adrenalin Drop all participants are attached to a safety line within the Pod. They are then attached to the drope prior to stepping through a hatch in the floor of the Pod to begin their free fall experience.

Adrenalin Drop can be used to enhance a wide range of events at various locations. It can raise the atmosphere at corporate events, gala days and country fairs. The machine will be accompanied by an experienced team of operators with all relevant training.

As a Charity fundraising event NO OTHER OUTDOOR ACTIVITY can match the participant turnover like Adrenalin Drop. With its highly efficient rewind mechanism we have a potential throughput of one person every 90 seconds.  With this in mind Adrenalin Drop  can turnover more than 300 participants in an 8 hour period.

Venues & Events

We update our events on a regular basis. Please check our Venues & Events page  for the latest information.

Zipslide Open Event
Pacific Quay Glasgow
Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th october 2013
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